Ruckel Airport

Ruckel Airport, located in Niceville, is a private, limited-use grass airstrip. Facilities are limited and operations are restricted by the license issued by the Florida Department of Transportation (FLDOT).


Three miles due east of the center of Niceville, Florida, and one mile north of the Rocky Bayou Bridge.  Latitude 30° 31.2′ N, Longitude 86° 26.3′ W.  The airport is approximately on the 143° radial from the Crestview (CEW) VOR and 22 miles from it.


Tower about 325 feet high (MSL) located approximately one mile south and ¼ mile west of the south end of the airstrip, (despite what the sectional says).

Pine trees on the east and west sides of the runway and a 4-foot fence near the south end. Pine trees approximately 1200 feet from the north and south ends of the runway.


Local pilots use 122.9 MHZ for broadcasting in the blind within the Ruckel Airport traffic pattern.  Use this frequency as a “Unicom” on approaches and departures within or near the pattern, but do not expect an answer, except from other aircraft.

Pattern Procedures 

Take-offs will be to the north and landings will be to the south, except in extreme or emergency conditions (same rule as the Florida Department of Transportation). Eglin Air Force Base requests the landing pattern be on the east side of the North-South strip, regardless of which way the wind is blowing.  In other words, it would be a standard pattern when landing is being made to the south on runway 18, but it would be a right-hand pattern when landings are made toward the north on runway 36. Traffic patterns will be within one nautical mile of the airport.  Traffic pattern altitude is officially “at or below 800′ MSL,” but by common consent among the pilots, it is set at 700′ MSL.


Cleared for approximately 1200 feet on north and south ends, but with pine trees extending out from there.

Transient Pilots 

We require 48 hours advance notice prior to coming into Ruckel Airport. The visiting pilot should complete the Ruckel Airport Application and review the Information Concerning Ruckel Airport, which can be found below. The application, which includes the hold harmless agreement, must be approved by Ruckel Properties, Inc. prior to landing at the airport. Upon approval, you will be contacted for a mandatory briefing prior to airport use.



MAILING ADDRESS: Ruckel Properties, Inc., 1003C John Sims Parkway East, Niceville, FL 32578

Parking for transient pilots is at the extreme southwest corner of the airstrip. No charge will be made for a one (1) day visit. Stays longer than one day will be assessed $5.00 per day plus applicable Florida sales tax. This is operated on the honor system. Please mail your check for your tie-down fee to Ruckel Properties, Inc., 1003C John Sims Parkway East, Niceville, FL 32578, as soon as possible after your departure. Also, please mention your aircraft number and pilot’s name. There is no fuel available to transient pilots.

Airport Application 

Please fill out the required airport application. The application includes detailed information pertaining to the airport’s rules, facilities, approaches, frequencies used, tie-down privileges, and much more.

Email the application to:


Mail the original copy to:

Ruckel Properties, Inc.

1003C John Sims Pkwy East

Niceville, FL 32578 

*Hangar pricing varies by square footage. Please contact the office for specific rates.

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